Community Policy


Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. Since not everyone's moral compass points in the same direction, here are some rules & guidelines.


On this platform we deal with each other in a civilized way. We endorse discussions as long as they are conducted with understanding for each other's opinions.

Main issues

No swearing

No insults

No accusations


We promote personal growth. This is only possible if everyone shows his or her best side. Therefore, have a humble and open attitude.

Main issues

Be constructive

Be encouraging

Be righteous


If you follow the following guidelines, the platform remains clear and concrete.

Blog comments

Your opinion or view is important to us and other readers on this platform. Strengthen this by supporting yourself as much as possible.


Don't wander off and stay on-topic

Mention & link to sources

Move discussions to the groups

Discussion groups

Some reactions, opinions or topics deserve their own discussion group. If necessary, create a new group to go deeper into certain topics.


Same rules & guidelines

For more extensive discussions

More possibilities for information sharing