Our core values.

We Foster Education

All contributors have decent experience in their discipline and are eager to teach.

We Pursue Excellence

We teach theology is combination with lots of practical lessons to act out what is learned.

We Practice boldness

Our goal is to make all students as bold as lions to preach the Word of God and to deliver and baptize people, in the name of Jesus Christ.

We Create Fun

We are a committed family, we take care of each other and we build up each other. We do this not only through teachings or worship but also by having fun.

About our contributors.

Cris & Amy

We have been missionaris in different countries and we like to share our experiences en stories with our students.

Jan Tjeerd & Heleen

We have always been very prophetic and we are very aware of what is happening around us in the world of the day. We would like to teach others how they too can walk in these gifts.

Freek & Samantha

We love to network and have often been able to share the Gospel when we have had the opportunity to do so. We like to teach our students how to do the same.

Manu & Giorgio

We come from Italy and are full of passion and hospitality. We are ready for the angels that will come and we are happy to teach our students how to prepare for this as well.

Mark & Debora

We have 23 years of experience in serving and helping others. We love to tell stories and share testimonies about what God has done for us in our lives. We believe that students can learn a lot from these experiences.