Walk Like Jesus

Voorthuizen, The Netherlands

Course Information

The "Walk Like Jesus" course is a practical and hands-on training were you will learn and experience how to become more like Jesus. We give several courses with different durations. The main course has a total duration of 4 months. The first 4 weeks will be full time and after that it will be 3 days a week training and a few days working. It is a combination of practical and theoretical teachings by skilled teachers. Firstly you will learn about the foundation of the faith, the gospel and you will learn to share it with others. Of course you will learn to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, by healing the sick, casting out demons, baptizing people and filling them up with the Holy Spirit.

After the foundation
After three weeks of training in our experience we have seen that many people fall back in former patterns. Being born again gives the power to change your life. John 1:12 To actively do this we need to train people to become mature, just as Jesus did. In 4 months your patterns will change in all aspects of live. You will be taught how to recognize wrong patterns and how to change them. Also in 4 months you will learn how to be part His family, worldwide and locally, by going on missiontrips and being part of a disciplehome.

For who is this course?
Everyone who is born again and wants to become more like Jesus


The practical curriculum is focused on challenging you because iron sharpens iron.
We want to equip you with essential tools so you can gain maturity to go out fearless and bear much fruit. There will be given a time when you will get the chance to put into effective action what you will learn at the course during kickstart weekends and Luke 10 outreach trips at different basis we have around Europe such as; Italy, France, & Switzerland.

During this course we want to make you feel at home, but we also want to take you out of your comfort zone. We want our students to establish a biblical balance between “working for” and “resting in” God.

You will be taught on how to live with other disciples in a disciple home and how to become a family with each other. This will be done by participation or being involved in the different activities that will bring students closer to one another.

Values & principles

We have certain house rules in our disciple homes and expect you to respect them. Therefore please take our course policy into account.