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Walk Like Jesus in ASL


The “Walk Like Jesus” course in ASL is a practical and hands-on discipleship training where you will learn and experience how to become more like Jesus, living the life we read about in the Book of Acts. The duration of this course is six weeks, conducted entirely in ASL!  The first 3 weeks will be a series of practical lessons, followed by opportunities to immediately put everything you’ve learned into practice. The last 3 weeks will focus on maturing as a disciple so that what has been learned will continue once the training is over. Ultimately, the goal is that you will be trained, equipped, sent out and never be the same! 

For who?

Anyone who is born-again, Deaf and uses Sign Language to communicate. For those who are hungry to follow Jesus and obey the command to make disciples of every nation! This is for you who have been longing for more, longing to experience what we read in the Book of Acts in your everyday life and connect with others who want the same.


The duration of the course is six weeks, full-time. The basic structure of the day consists of teaching in the morning, hands-on training in the afternoon and various evening activities. However, we will be led by the Holy Spirit daily and will adjust the schedule as needed.


Walk Like Jesus in ASL will be held in Fagaras Romania, within the context of a beautiful home. Fagaras Romania is in a vibrant tourist town about 1 hour from two major cities. We will be living, learning, and sharing all of our meals together as a family. Each student will share a bedroom with one other student. We run the school this way based on the example Jesus set for us with his disciples when he said, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” We believe that it is within a live-in-apprenticeship where God “makes us” a people molded by Him and where deep transformation takes place.


The Language

Our team is both Deaf and Hearing, all who sign fluently. The training will be given in English with ASL interpretation and also directly in International Sign Language. We understand there may be some deaf people coming from abroad who may use another sign language to communicate. In those cases, we will do our best to follow-up for best understanding.

Course Description

 The Foundation (first 3 weeks)

The first three weeks you will learn about the foundation of the faith, the gospel of being born-again: repentance, baptism in water and receiving the Holy Spirit. Then, you will learn to share this gospel with others. During this time, you will be taught how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. This includes learning how to heal the sick, cast out demons, baptize people in water and fill them with the Holy Spirit.

There will be daily outreach and a kickstart weekend. During the kickstart weekend you will be part of a team as a student and have many opportunities to put what you have learned into practice.

After the foundation (last 3 weeks)

After three weeks of training in our experience we have seen that many people fall back in former patterns. Being born again gives the power to change your life. John 1:12 To actively do this we need to train people to become mature, just as Jesus did. In 6 weeks your patterns will change in all aspects of life. You will be taught how to recognise wrong patterns and how to change them. Also in six weeks you will learn how to be part His family, worldwide and locally, by going on mission trips and being part of a disciple-home.

The Cost

The tuition covers 3 meals a day, housing facilities, training materials and local travel. Bedroom linens, towels and shower products provided. Rates vary by age and location.

€300 (Western Europe)
*€450 for couples
*Children with their parents (10-17) €150, (0-9 free)

€200 (Eastern Europe)
*€300 for couples
*Children with their parents (10-17) €100, (0-9 free)

Depending on the composition of the group, there is no unlimited availability for families with children.


Children can be present at the training. Older children can participate. Younger children can play together, under the supervision of their parents. It is possible to agree together on how to do this with a babysitter.

How to apply

You can apply via the register button, after which your application will be reviewed. Once the application is approved, payment can be made online.

If you have questions, please email us at:


03 Apr 2022 - 14 May 2022






Fagaras, Romania


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