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3 Week Training School & Safari


Are you interested in joining us on our inspiring mission to Zimbabwe? We've put together a comprehensive program that offers you the opportunity to delve into theology, perfect your skills in spreading the gospel, and actively apply what you've learned in real-life street scenarios. Alongside this spiritual journey, we have an array of thrilling and enjoyable activities, including an unforgettable safari.


Day 1 - Departure
Fly to Zimbabwe.

Day 2 - Arrival and Check-In
Arrive at your destination and settle into the accommodation where we'll be staying for the next 10 days.

Day 3 - Training School Commences (Street Ministry Begins)
Start our training program, including hitting the streets for practical experience.

Day 5 - Visit the Stunning Victoria Falls
Explore the magnificent Victoria Falls.

Day 8 - Zambezi River Adventure (All-Inclusive)
Enjoy a boat trip on the Zambezi River, fully catered, with opportunities to observe crocodiles, hippos, and elephants if you're lucky. Get ready to dance to old gospel songs!

Day 9 - Attend Local Church Services
Visit a local congregation and share in their worship.

Day 10 - Final Three Days of Training
Engage in the last leg of our training program.

Day 13 - Travel to Zimbabwe
Journey to Zimbabwe.

Day 14 - Kickstart in Two Villages (Kwekwe and Tengenenge)
Begin our outreach in Kwekwe and Tengenenge villages.

Day 16 - Return to Harare, One Day of Training
Travel back to Harare and have one more day of training.

Day 17 - Safari at IMIRE (Including Overnight Stay)
Embark on a safari to IMIRE, featuring walks with elephants, rhinos, and cheetahs. Spend the night in the wild.

Day 18 - Sending Out Groups to Make Disciples in Various Villages in Zimbabwe
Deploy groups to make disciples in different Zimbabwean villages.

Day 20 - Testimonies
Share and celebrate the testimonies and experiences from your mission.

Day 21 - Visit a Large Congregation Together
Attend a significant church gathering as a group.

Day 22 - Departure and Return Home
Bid farewell to Zimbabwe and return home.




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