Walk Like Jesus (short)

The Walk Like Jesus training (WLJ) is a 3-week full-time training in discipleship. You learn about the foundation of faith: the gospel. Both theoretically and practically. And you learn how you can effectively apply this in your own life and pass it on to others. You will also gain practical experience in healing the sick, casting out demons, baptism and praying for the filling of the Holy Spirit.

duration: 3 weeks

Duration of the training
The training takes 3 weeks and contains several parts. The first part is a series of lessons with practice, then a kick-start weekend and it ends with a mission trip to put all that has been learned into practice. So that it can be continued when the training ends.

Length of the training
The training lasts 3 weeks
Arrival on Saturday 17th July, 2021 between 14:00-17:00
Packing, clearing up and departure on 7th August, 2021

Who is the training for?
The PTS is for everyone who is born again and wants to learn practically how to follow Jesus. See 1 John 2:6 – He who says he will abide in Him must also walk as He walked.

Language of instruction
The training will be given in Dutch. However, if there are many participants from abroad, it is possible to do the training in English. We can also do a possible follow-up training at another location in English.


Various topics that are dealt with during the training
Character training
The gospel and how to communicate it
Your identity in Christ
Healing the sick and casting out demons
Baptising in water and in the Holy Spirit
Listening to the Holy Spirit and following His leading
Fixed practical parts of a PTS are a kickstart weekend and the mission trip. During the kick-start weekend you are part of the team and get a lot of opportunity to put what you have learned into practice.


The revenues will be used for food, drinks and facilities. Rates vary according to age.

Adults 18 years and older EUR 400
Children who come with their parents 10 to 17 years EUR 225
0 to 9 years Free

If you bring a car and it is available during the training, you will receive a discount of EUR 50.
Depending on the composition of the group, there is no unlimited availability for families with children.


The training will take place on the field next to the house that will be used as the location. This field will be used as a campsite. Everyone will bring his own tent and sleeping materials. All facilities can be used in the house.

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