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He who says “i know Him”, should walk the same way as He walked!

About this event

What is a discipleship kickstart?

A discipleship kickstart is an event in which you will discover what it is to be a disciple of Jesus. Biblical truth goes hand in hand with practical knowledge. The call of Jesus to follow Him isn’t only theoretical, but has to be visible in your life. It is a reality that we are supposed to, and can walk like Jesus Christ, because He says so.

You will be trained and activated to step out in faith: to heal the sick, cast out demons, preach the gospel, baptize in water and in the Holy Spirit. To make disciples.

In the book of acts we can read that God uses normal people to do extraordinary things. If you think small of yourself, then God can still do great things through you. Because its not us, but Jesus Christ through us. So come and watch what God wants to do through you! Everyone within the body of Christ has a role to play.


PROGRAM (estimates):


19:00: Coffee and tea

19:30: Teaching 1 and 2

20:45: Break, Coffee and tea

21:15: Teaching 3

22:30: Closing



09:30: Coffee and tea

10:00: Teaching part 4

11:00: Break, Coffee and tea

11:30: Teaching part 5 (and 6)

13:15: Lunch

14:00: Evangelism training

17:00: Repentance talks and baptism

18:30: Dinner

19:30: Teaching, testimonies, prayer and open evening

21:30: Closing



09:30: Coffee and tea

10:00: Teaching part 7

11:30: Closing, connections and future

12:30: Lunch

Staying over for the night should be arranged by yourself. When you would like to help out practically during the event, please let us know via:

When you might want to be baptized, don’t forget to bring some dry clothes and a towel with you. The discipleship event is for free, however it is possible to donate. (

To join this event it is necessary to sign up via this website!

The event is finished.


28 - 30 Jan 2022


18:00 - 14:00




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